Hacked!! But no Longer

In the digital age, our online presence is often a reflection of ourselves, our passions, and our work. For many, a website serves as a hub for creativity, expression, and communication. However, with the benefits of the internet come the risks, as I recently experienced firsthand when my website was hacked. It was a experience, […]

Over a Year!

Well well well…It’s been over a year since I threw up a post so why not now! The pandemic is finally winding down and we are now learning how to cope and manage COVID as a regular part of life. I do hope it works out and we can take the lessons learned from the […]

2021…Here’s hoping!!

Ok…So 2020 was a bit of a wash! Now we’re into 2021 and a whole new year, well, it kind of looks like the old year just a new number! We are still socially isolating, masking and remaining in our respective towns! Never in my life have I felt the need to safely enter a […]

Summer 2020

It is summer now, and its a stay at home kind of year, thank you Covid-19! Staying close to home has given me the opportunity to putter in the yard on projects from the to do list. From a hobby perspective, this year has also provided the opportunity to spend time photographing around the yard […]

Autumn is here

So it’s this time of year, autumn. After the summer we’ve had it seems to be a welcome change, summer rain directly to autumn colours. The interesting part of this time of year is actually watching the changes. Through the spring the water fowl came to our neighbourhood and paired up and nested. The summer, […]

Summer Curious

Summer, this year the weather has been less than summery. Starting off with a heat wave and fires in Northern Alberta, then changing to constant cloud and rain. How do we get or maintain enthusiasm for summer then? When the weather doesn’t cooperate then finding the curiosities of each change can help us find the […]

Groundhog Day

So once again we have survived Groundhog Day. Anyone who knows me know it’s one of my favourite days of the year. A bunch of years ago I bought this little guy from Wiarton Ontario (home of Willie the weather prognosticator!!) So I position him in the window and snap a picture and look for […]

Its Christmas…

Christmas 2018, almost the end of the year. As with all years this year has come with many ups and downs but in the end it has been a good year and with this week off it’s time to relax and reflect. 2019 is knocking on the door and is going to enter whether we […]

Epic Moments

I often participate in photo challenges, the site I usually play on is “Gurushots” (www.gurushots.com).  The site contains photo contests that caters to amateurs and professionals.  The contests include all sorts of categories and there are plenty going on at all times.  One of the challenges I entered was called “Epic Moments” and this got […]