Summer 2020

Summer 2020

It is summer now, and its a stay at home kind of year, thank you Covid-19! Staying close to home has given me the opportunity to putter in the yard on projects from the to do list. From a hobby perspective, this year has also provided the opportunity to spend time photographing around the yard and the neighbourhood.

My wife has done a wonderful job of choosing flowers that bloom at different times. We’ve gone from apple blossoms, to bleeding hearts and tulips and others and this has provided me an opportunity to photograph all kinds of different flowers. Now I’m trying to timelapse the kitchen delphiniums blooming. So far no luck but I set up in the morning and snap along all day.

Photographing the neighbourhood includes treks to the duck pond, here I can catch various water fowl and see them arrive, hatch their ducklings and throughout the summer watch them grow up. As we head to the autumn we’ll get the opportunity to watch them become yearlings and get set for their journey to the south.

Overall, it’s a different type of summer, and it is not a total with a little imagination and effort there is still adventures to be had, albeit at a much more local level.

Well keep safe, wash your hands and keep a mask handy. Enjoy the summer and the adventure challenges it will bring.

Cheers All.

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