“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” – Dorthea Lange

Coffee cup exposures is photography at its basics and fun.  Simple, enjoyable and thought provoking.  I have based this site on the simple concept of coffee that accompanies a time of memories with family and friends.


A bit about me

Hi all who look at my site!  I’m Jim, a committed coffee drinker, a Paramedic and EMS Educator with over 30 years experience and a family man for my loving wife and daughter.   As you can see this site is geared for my hobbies, hiking, and photography.   I do update sporadically but will be posting my favourite  pictures and have even included my YouTube post from a number of years ago.    I haven’t focused this site yet so bear with me as it goes through changes here and there, and I’ll keep posting pictures I like from my collection.

If you like something you see drop me a line and let me know.

Cheers All.

An overview of my work


Coffee Shots

Can’t call this site CoffeeCupExposures without pictures of coffee and coffee cups.  Some of these pictures are about learning depth of field and exposure, some are (hopefully) interesting compositions showing coffee, cups and related coffee drinking pictures

Coffee Shops

I’ll be adding pictures and such soon

Other Shots



Video Clips

This video clip I took with a hand held video recorder while out on a river boat with my good friend.  This little stream is off the Smoky River in the Peace River area.  It was a little later in the spring and this stream wasn’t as high as it was a few days prior when Dustin navigated it.   And no we didn’t have a come-a-long to help.  Enjoy our adventure.




Blogs and Bits

Epic Moments

I often participate in photo challenges, the site I usually play on is “Gurushots” (www.gurushots.com).  The site contains photo contests that caters to amateurs and professionals.  The contests include all sorts of categories and there are plenty going on at all times.  One of the challenges I entered was called “Epic Moments” and this got …


So here I am with an Emergency Medical Responder class on this particular day,  September 11, 2018.  It has been 17 years since the fateful day that the world changed.  2 aircraft graphically struck and collapsed the twin towers, another struck the Pentagon and the passengers on a 4th aircraft did the ultimate sacrifice and …



As I build this page I welcome suggestions to make this aesthetically pleasing.  Thank you for your comments