Coffee Cup Exposures

No better way to get to know a person than over a cup of coffee and captured in a picture or video

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” – Dorthea Lange

Coffeecupexposures is about photography and videography.   Capturing moments to relive, share and hold for a lifetime.  A photograph can stir memories that bring a smile and can carry you back to the moment and the special emotions it holds.  Memories of family, friends and the places that are special to you.

Family, friends and a warm cup of coffee…perfect memories.

A bit about me

Welcome to my site,  I’m Jim, paramedic, educator, family man, photographer and a coffee enjoyer!  Many of my memories in my galleries are places I’ve ventured with my loving wife and daughter, and of course our companion Seadog.  Mountains, hiking, biking and enjoying a fresh cup of coffee are some of the things we enjoy.

With a camera close at hand (or at least my phone) we find moments to capture.  My wife takes the best couple “selfies”.   Wherever we go we scout the local coffee shops and enjoy the unique places we find.

Look around and I hope you enjoy what you see here.  Drop me a line with your own adventure, and maybe one or two of your photos.

Cheers All.


An overview of my work


Coffee Photos

Whether a cafe, a cup of coffee, some beans or grinders this section is about coffee.

Coffee Shops

I’ll be adding pictures and such soon

Other Shots

U Learn Online Photo Contests

Coming soon photography and photo contests to participate in through U Learn Online

Video Clips

Speaking of memories, it’s quite a difference from holding a camera and pressing a button to actually planning a short video. The first video here is from a jetboat trip up the Peace River.
I’ll post more more in the near future.

Blogs and Bits

Summer 2020

It is summer now, and its a stay at home kind of year, thank you Covid-19! Staying close to home has given me the opportunity to putter in the yard on projects from the to do list. From a hobby perspective, this year has also provided the opportunity to spend time photographing around the yard …

Autumn is here

So it’s this time of year, autumn. After the summer we’ve had it seems to be a welcome change, summer rain directly to autumn colours. The interesting part of this time of year is actually watching the changes. Through the spring the water fowl came to our neighbourhood and paired up and nested. The summer, …


At this time my website is in a current state of adjustment.  After receiving enough spam, I’ve suspended the contact form until I have reason to re-active it.

Visit back and the contact form will be reintroduced in the future.  Cheers.