A bit about me

Welcome to my site

I’m Jim a career paramedic and adult educator,  teaching our staff and hte next generation of EMS professionals!  My current challenge is becoming a  photographer/videographer. I’m still on the learning curve and have been enjoying each step of it.

I have done education videos and organizational and family portraits and landscape shots everywhere I go.  If practice makes perfect I’ll keep practicing and strive for perfection!  This path is an evolving journey and as I will enjoy the ride it takes me on, even if it is only for my own enjoyment!

As part of this ride I have a section on this site that you can see some of my photos, some good, some bad and some may be down right ugly!  But this is the path I’m on and over time I’ll work to make more good and fewer bad and well none ugly!

Well enough rambling, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the site and if you have a project you’d like help on, drop me a line and we can chat!