Epic Moments

I often participate in photo challenges, the site I usually play on is “Gurushots” (www.gurushots.com).  The site contains photo contests that caters to amateurs and professionals.  The contests include all sorts of categories and there are plenty going on at all times. 

One of the challenges I entered was called “Epic Moments” and this got me to thinking…what are considered “Epic Moments”?  Here are 3 of the images I sent in.

After reviewing the pictures in the challenge it appears epic moments are those times you look back on.  Were these images my most epic moments?  Not by a long shot.  They were memorial but not particularly epic.  This challenge helped me reflect on my epic moments,  the moment I tried to say “I do” to my wife and I said it with a cross between the traditional “I do” and a laugh of happiness…and it sounded like no!!  Another epic moment was the first time I held my daughter and hearing her squeak for the first time. 

I have had other epic moments and great moments, and will continue to have epic moments.  I now know that the actual epic moments happen at anywhere and anytime, and as such I now look to savor the moment, then reflect on how epic it is.