Summer Curious

Summer, this year the weather has been less than summery. Starting off with a heat wave and fires in Northern Alberta, then changing to constant cloud and rain. How do we get or maintain enthusiasm for summer then? When the weather doesn’t cooperate then finding the curiosities of each change can help us find the enthusiasm to enjoy the summer you have.

This year we are staying local for vacation, it has been a hectic spring so working on our yard and completing projects is our exciting prospect for our summer. We are curious on what the finished yard will look like by autumn. Staying local has also allowed us to partake in the Edmonton culture scene, the Eskimo’s football club, K-days, symphony under the stars, Fringe Festival, these are a few of the events we have taken in and and a few of the events we plan on attending.

On a more immediate curiosity offering is our local neighbourhood. An interesting mix of local pets and urban wildlife, rabbits, birds, water fowl and other rodents. The local wildlife keeps my camera busy, and add in a flower close up or two and our curiosity lives on in our local level.

Whatever the summer holds for you, local, travel and everything in-between, stay curious my friends.

Until next time, keep snapping