Over a Year!

Well well well…It’s been over a year since I threw up a post so why not now!

The pandemic is finally winding down and we are now learning how to cope and manage COVID as a regular part of life. I do hope it works out and we can take the lessons learned from the management/mismanagement of this world event and makes things better for us and the future generations that will be faced with other pandemics! I do hope it is a hundred year thing and we don’t see another world wide pandemic prior to 2120!!

We can focus on the positives from the past two years, we have a new pooch that has been a joy to have and train…

I have had the opportunity to work from home, the morning drive is much shorter and the coffee is less expensive. We have explored things closer to home and continued to enjoy the time spent relaxing in our back yard. Being home has afforded us the time to complete many renovations around the house, and helped make our residence more homey and personal.

As I close off this post, I don’t have inspiring words of wisdom except just enjoy each other and recognize the differences we bring to our world, and realize that at any time we could lose it.

Cheers All, Take Care and remain Healthy.